GP38CC In Paint Again!

Our GP38CC Locomotive is being painted into the customers colors before being delivered to its final destination. Our paint booth makes easy work of this!

GP38CC Cummins rebuild

Our locomotive made the two page cover picture for the article about Tier 3 and 4 locomotives. Link to the article below!

This months cover Shot! what’s behind her?

GMD1 #1407 in final days of testing.

Heading out next week for Oregon for a long term lease. These GMD1’s are amazing pullers. With the electrical system & adhesion packages CN installed in them in the late 90’s. They will pull as many cars as a SW1500 all day.

Winter Does not slow us down

Heavy into our next GP38-3 rebuild at the Usk shop

This one started life as a GP38 #3877 and now we are adding a new Dash 3 electrical system and rebuilding the power plant. Stay tuned for updates

New Newsletter feature

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Introduction of our latest, the GP38cc as well as latest acquisition of an SD60


Re-powered with a Tier 3 compliant Cummins QSK50 2,000hp power module and all new electronics.  All other components are EMD standard for ease of maintenance. Additionally, all components have been completely remanufactured. It even has an AC unit!

This unit will bring you 80-90% reduction in NOx Emissions, 20-30% increase in tractive effort and adhesion, 90% decrease in lube oil consumption, and up to 20% decrease in fuel consumption over the older EMD engines in use.

This locomotive is also eligible for government DURA funding & grants to help with the majority of the purchase. Please call or email the office today and find out all we can do for you to put this on your railroad today!!

Another exciting endeavor under way, Our newest locomotive.  The first time we have ever owned an SD60.  It will be available within a month and will be ready for service immediately.